Crafting better digital signage strategies for 2019

There is no more powerful communications tool than digital signage. If you aren’t using everything your system offers to the fullest, then you’re missing out. Celebrate your past successes, and duplicate them where ever you can. Learn from mistakes and find ways to improve upon them in the future. Technology is always changing, and so is your audience (and their expectations), so your digital signage strategy should be too.


没有比数字标牌更强大的通信工具。 如果您没有充分利用你的系统提供的所有功能,那么您就错过了很多。 庆祝你过去的成功,并尽可能地复制它们。 从错误中吸取教训,并在未来找到改进方法。 技术是一直在变化的,你的客户群体(和他们对此的期望)也在变,所以你的数字标牌策略也理应如此。

SATA vs. NVMe SSDs: Which Interface Is Right for Your Business?

Storage interfaces connect the actual drives where your data resides to your system’s main processing bus; think of the interfaces as the highway data travels to get from your drive to your processor and memory.
There are two main types of bus interfaces in most PC production systems today: SATA and PCI Express, or PCIe. Each has its own history, design and proper placement.